Best way to save a node transformation into an xml file

I realized last night that the Kinect wasn’t a camera but a light source, and as a light source, it’s point cloud can be manipulated like an light using ofnode transformations.

I have it working, allowing one to finagle a kinect point cloud over another kinect point cloud super-easy, but now I want to save the transformations into a file so I do not have to perform these every time I want to have two kinect point clouds overlap.

Could someone point me in the right directions for saving this kind of information?

just save it’s position, orientation (as a quaternion) and scale and set them again when loading

Check out ofxCameraSaveLoad. Its very old but it shows how to do that.

Wowsers, but that worked like haute darn! Thanks very much for the suggestion!

the code is here:

I tried to send the specific ofxkinect information to the drawpointcloud function for each kinect but got an odd error so I just made a function for each.

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