Best way to receive large amount of text


I am building a big wordcloud in OF and I need to get all the words plus some values from Python. For now, let’s assume there are 10000 words with two values per each word. I have been thinking in different options:

  • ofxOSC: I don’t think this is a great option, but sending each word with its parameters separately, so I would send 10000 messages to OF. There could be packet loss…
  • ofxTCPClient: Send the words with their values in JSON format in multiple TCP messages.
  • ofxJSON: Create a JSON file with all this data and read it in OF
  • ofxFifo: I don’t know if this is only for sending frames…

I cant think in any other options now…

What you guys think would be the best option? Do you know any other workarounds?:smile:

Many thanks,

I have done this with TCP with a start and end character when sending the data. It is not fast but works.

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Thanks, I will follow this path then!