Best way to play a 3840x1080 video in dual full hd screens

hey I want to play one video using something like ofxWMFVideoPlayer or similar addon. The video it’s a dual 1920x1080 size window in full screen. I don’t have a very powered machine so I need some tips to use a good and fast addon, codec or ofAppGLFWWindow / OpenGL mode best practices.
Any help it’s appreciated.

I like because it used the HAP coded because it does “fast decompression on modern graphics hardware”.

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Thanks. It seems it’s only working on 0.8 not 0.9 under Windows…


I highly recommend ofxExtremeGpuVideo .
Of course it works on oF 0.9.8 ant platforms.

We have to convert to .gv fromat, but this repo has the converter.

I think performance is the best I’ve ever seen.
And, we can implement this addon to multi-thread loader easily!! :slight_smile:

It’s worth a try.

That’s counter intuitive but your graphic card may be optimized for 4K playback but may not be able to handle dual hd (because it’s a weird format) so it’s also worth a shot to render the video as a 4K with the bottom black. It was literally the use case under which the ofxWMFVideoPlayer was developed for :slight_smile: (video were in WMV or H264)

Thanks for the replies! I’ll check both tips. I am planing to get a cheap gpu card like GeForce GT 1030, to use hdmi + dvi(to hdmi)
CPU would be a modern 7400 i5 with 8Gb of Ram and ssd disk btw…

I had good luck with this

But for a current project (outside of OF) I am using h265 encoding for an 8k video file. I have a modest PC with a 1070 gpu and with media foundation (you can get this with ofxWMFVideoPlayer) I get great playback. As aboove, I would encode a 4k video as it is optimised and playback using drawSubsection. I am using non standard sizes though and media foundation is playing them back easily.