Best way to make a textfield on an app?

Hi I’m looking for the best way to have a text field in a ofApp.

There are lots of addons/solutions out there but I can’t seem to get any of them to work quite right. What is the most standard way to have a simple text box which allows people to select, move through words with the cursor etc and then when I fire a button I could grab that textfield’s data and do something with it.

I’m on OSX using OpenFrameworks OF 0.8.4. I only need it to run on OSX so an OSX specific solution would be fine too.


Well theres actually a ton of different ways of doing it, my addon has a pretty light weight text entry form that should do what your asking it to. If you want a native solution ofzach’s ofxnative gui works well on osx the last time i tested it I mean really it all depends on your personal preference on looks and funcitonality

Your addon worked great. Cheers!