Best way to cull faces for multiple Kinect point clouds as triangles

I am trying to draw two triangulated pointclouds, made with ofxDelaunay.

Since I am drawing one and then the other, I think my triangles are overlapping. Should I try grabbing the triangles separately and the sort them, drawing the rear ones first and then the front ones, or should I combine the two meshes so they get all drawn together as a unit. I am worried that the points will not sort properly since they would no longer be in order.

Here is an image that indicates the problem. The chair in the background (blue) is part of the second Kinect point cloud triangles , so it overdraws the first kinect point cloud triangles.

I am colouring the triangles (usually white) before drawing the lines as a way of ‘hiding’ the stuff in the background, but this doesn’t seem to be working either.

Hi there,

Drawing order queues are often done for optimisation, backgrounds, alphas, overlays, etc. If everything you are drawing are opaque geometries, and you want to save some time by not sorting them, you just need to enable depth test.

well, pooh. I completely forgot to add that from one of the working prototypes a while back.

I started from scratch recently and have been modifying/adding old stuff to get some different results, and tweaking the code a touch here or there.

Thank you very much.