Best way to capture a video of the content of my desktop application... ?

hi there,
I’d like to capture a video of the content of the window of the application I’m currently developping in order to show it to a friend on the web.

I tested basic screencast stuff like the powerful Screenflow.
I’m not happy with the result especially because it seems to have some screen sync artifact.

Is there a way to “really” render the window to a file ?

there are tons of applications for recording video off the screen… just ask google.

but the best way i have found is to implement a Syphon client in your code and use their Syphon Recorder. it’s quite easy, and you don’t record anything but the content of your application


love this kind of answer.
please consider I tested already a lot of things.

btw, ok for syphon. already using it for other purposes.

hey, i didn’t mean to be rude - just wanted to point out that there are many options

you are welcome

no prob.