Best way for an absolut beginner to learn

I have never coded and have no notions of coding, but it is something that interests me very much. I really like what I have seen created with openframeworks. What is the best way to start ? Would it be good to learn a little C first or can I jump right into openframeworks ?
Any advice ?


To learn C++:…-languages/

A good exemple to start with OF:…-rameworks/


Thanks, those are good links. I will spend some more time on them, just had a quick look.
I thought that it was better to learn C before C++, but the tutorial seems well explained.

There is also a book called Programming Interactivity, by Joshua Noble that looks interesting.

I really wonder what is the best and fastest road map to get from not knowing anything, to using openframeworks ?


If you haven’t done any programming before I would recommend getting a C++ book and working your way through that first, taking your time (I have Liberty & Horvarth’s “Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours” which I found really good as a beginner).

I have the Joshua Noble book and it is great, but I think coming to it with some prior understanding of C++ and classes would be best.

Also…consider learning Processing before (or as well as) openframeworks as it is definitely easier to get started (I really like both, for different reasons).

C++ directly ? Or a book on C first ?

Don’t worry about C - the C++ book/websites will let you learn everything you need to know from scratch. C is like an older version of the language that has been superseded by C++ (well, C is still used for some stuff, I know). But you don’t need to learn C before you learn C++ (all the most basic stuff is the same, anyway, and the more complex stuff you want to learn to do in the more up-to -date way).

Ok, I got that now, thanks.
So to use OF properly one does need to know C++
C++ is the first step. ?

for me a good tutorial that helped me get started with c++ was this one

But as it was already mentioned, you could try learning Processing first. Processing is intended to be a learning tool for people with no previous programming knowledge.

Anyway… good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


Yes… OF is C++. It uses some special libraries that all work with each other (this is called a “framework”). But they are C++ programs, they just draw on some libraries that make it easier for you to go ahead and do things with graphics, sound, etc. So if you learn some C++ first when you come to openframeworks you will find it all quite familiar. Processing is based on Java, which is slower, but takes care of a lot of stuff for you that you have to handle explicitly in C++. So it’s easier for a beginner.

Thank you everyone, I will get started with Processing first and then move on to the C++ tutorials mentioned in this thread. I am very motivated.

I think another good way to start is to read other peoples code. Look the the example apps and just play a little with the code, try a lot you can not ruin anything.
Read other peoples app and try to understand what which line of code affects.
Have fun!!

I’d recommend CppDroid - new C/C++ IDE on Android. It has a lot of included C/C++ examples and tutorials. Blog:, Google Play: