Best solution for 2d particle collision

I was seraching for the best way to do particle collision. The final result should be a kinect import where particles collide with the human shape coming from kinect. I hope I can find a way to display several thousend of particles in realtime.
Unfortunately I am a bit confused because there are several ways to do collisions, bullet, box2d and others. Does anyone has some hints which way I should go?


Don’t know about ‘best’, but the simplest approach would probably be ofxBox2D. I’m not sure about the ‘several thousand of particles’ though, (I’ve never done more than ~2000 with box2d), although I guess it depends a lot on how beefy your hardware is.

Thanks, I’ll have a look and check how many particles I can use.

Hi, I have done the same thing before, the particle collision with kinect.
There are 2 kinds of particle collision:

  1. all the particles collide with each other while colliding with the kinect data (human shape), which requires a lot a computations; in this situation, the particle amount could not be too large; I know a usefull lib that could help you, this lib is just like ofxBox2d but allow you to use image as a collider, it should be a good idea to collide with the kinect depth image;
2. all the particles collide with the kinect data, but do not collide with other particles, it will be much faster, and increase the amount over 10,000+; if you want more particles over 1,000,000+ ,you need to learn about gpuParticles.

Great, thanks for the link to the addon. btw.: I do not own a Kinect yet. Do you know a way to simulate a Kinect input to test the overall procedure?

i konw a addon called ofxVirtualKinect, but i never tried that, and don’t know what exactly it is, maybe you can have a try.

But i don’t think you need that, you can just set points and images photoshoped to stand for skeleton and depth images.