Best shader to use with openFrameworks to create CRT scanlines

I have found some shaders online which describe how to create CRT scanlines to make older video games on modern monitors look like they did when they were released, when everyone used older televisions to play.

I would like to use something within openFrameworks to get this feeling for a project. Does anyone have a favourite that they know works with openFrameworks?

I’m mostly interested in the texture of the pixels, not the curvature of the physical screens.

TI mentioned a problem I had before with the shaders I found already. (same problem for three different versions)

Those examples seem cool enough to me! :slight_smile: I also answered to your other post. Let’s see if we get get your shader to roll!

@hubris have you had any luck with playing with this idea?

Or for anyone else (bump)… I would love to be able to use some of these CRT shaders as a way to manipulate how the final openframeworks display looks…