Best settings for video performance (Windows 10 Home)

I am experienced with openFrameworks on OS X…but in my first encounter with openFrameworks under Widows 10, I am having a problem with video playback.
The project I’m working on is required to run on a Windows laptop with a Intel HD 520 Graphics chip.

The video file plays fine in VLC. But when playing the file in openFrameworks (with a bare-bones app, just one ofVideoPlayer), the video displays with tearing and dropped frames.
The video file has a maximum data rate of 20 mb/sec (tried H264 and PhotoJPEG).
I have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack 12.10.

Building for Release, frame rate is OK, but there is tearing in the image.
Building for Debug, the frame rate drops to maybe two frames per second…!

I know very little about Windows (well actually, nothing).
Are there some settings I can change that might improve performance, and get rid of the video tearing?

Thank you in advance

Running slow on Debug is expected, i don’t think there is anything to do there.
I would try solve the tearing instead. Is it horizontal tearing? are you running with ofSetVerticalSync(true) ?

Still, Debug must not be that slow… what is the size of the frame? Do you have any more specs?

the performance of the video player in windows is not very good since we had to change the api recently to support 64bits and it’s not very well tested yet. if you need better performance and stability using usually works well