Best practice on automatically duplicating app data to a computer

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on an ipad app that will be used for an installation (not going through the store).
The app will be used by many different users who will be able to save their interactions/creations. These interactions/creations I will need to access them when the installation is over and the ipad back.

I could simply plug back the ipad an get the data, but I’m trying to be on safe side if ever the ipad gets broken/stolen or if I simply go wrong while getting back the data.

I’m doing fine for saving everything I need within the app (thanks ofxXmlSettings); though I don’t know which way to go in order to duplicate the data to a computer. It doesn’t need to be a real time duplicate of every action, but more when a user taps on “finish” it writes to the xml file and and also to the computer.

For now I could imagine:
— sending osc signals to a server app and somehow converting them back to data.
— writing a server-side script on a http server on the computer and calling the URL in the background with the data encoded.
— writing a app on the computer. It would have access to the Documents folder on the ipad and make a copy of the file regularly.
— using iCloud but I will most likely not have access to internet on site…

Can you think of something more elegant? Or which one of the solution seem the less troublesome?
Thanks in advance for reading and for your feedback!