best PC components (video, motherboard) for oF?

I’m building a new PC specifically for my oF projects. Right now I’m doing a lot with multiple HD webcams, so USB bandwidth is a factor for me. But I thought I’d ask others what you think the best components are for oF work? Should I be going for a high-end gaming-focused rig (e.g. lots of video bandwidth and power)? Where are the bottlenecks?


-how much video card is enough?
-is an i7 worth it over an i5?
-motherboard recommendation?

thanks for any advice!

p.s. i’d like to keep the CPU/case/video/RAM/motherboard combo below about $1k.

Great topic. I just wanna point out that energy saving is also a plus.

A year ago I made a simple project that requiered rapid change of video content and proximity sensors controlled by Arduino.

This motherboard did the trick very nice throght 3 moths, an the again for over 4 more.

  • Intel Mini-ITX D945GCLF2D, Intel Atom 330, Iwith integrated audio and video a 2GB RAM.