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I’ve noodled around with openFrameworks for a bit now. Went true most of Lewis Lepton’s tutorial. But I would like to find more resources. Am I missing something? Is there a book, pdf? Online courses? I got the MASTERING_OPENFRAMEWORKS_CREATIVE_CODING_DEMYSTI.pdf, but I think that there’s a lot of depreciated code in there. Am I on the right track? Anyway, any help is very appreciated.


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There is also the ofBook which is more up to date:

Also some resources here:


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  • The mastering openframeworks book is a great start with some good practical projects -
    Plus all the resources @theo mentions.
    I’ve been making video tutorials on youtube - originally for my master students but now i’m making a new more general series - more details in this thread…
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Yes! Thank you! @theo

Thank you @danb

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Hey adding to the comments of others, I find the archive for this forum to be really really super helpful, especially when I encounter a problem, or if I’m doing something new and unsure. Many of the posts are filled with information that will help with oF, with the nuances of C++ (vectors, smart pointers, lambdas, etc), and generally with approaches to writing good code. I feel that the structure and readability of my code has improved over the years, in part because of reading this archive. You can search the forum directly, or use Google to look for your topic or issue.

Also, the blog posts are worth checking out. They are nicely written, with enough clarity and detail to try things out and get the hang of how they work. One of my favs is the one about Events and ofEventListener.

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