Best board to control rgbw leds

Hi! i just got osm rgbw leds
i was able to controlled with a pi a some python script. I want to control it using OF and desktop has some can share your experience about??

I’ve once build an ESP8266 (Wemos D1) implementation with an 11*11 WS2812B RGB matrix (one strip). For the LED-controlling I use FastLed.
I controlled the LEDs wireless with OF via UDP messages. The ESP8266 ran a basic UDP-server example, receiving the RGB-data from the ofPixels.
The OF-app ran @ 30 fps, and worked quite well. It was a quick prototype, so I haven’t checked missing frames.
Here’s an example-video, controlled by SuperCollider.
SC sends an array of 1’s and 0’s, which are interpreted as RGB(255, 255, 255) and RGB(0, 0, 0).

Pro’s of the ESP8266: cheap and small.
I can imagine though that a Raspberry Pi w/ an ethernet connection would be a more reliable choice (Higher bandwidth, more pixels, faster framerate).

Hi, I´ve use those kind of led strips extensively. Actually any board that can output serial data should work although I recommend you using a teensy board. it is a super powerful.
If I am correct there are some examples for sending data from processing, which you can easily adapt to OF.

I’ve tried a lot of options and this pixLite controller is the best, most reliable option. It can be controlled via artnet or sACN (modern network implementations of DMX). It works with just about any addressable LED and it’s cheap for what you get.

HI! thanks but all your post i think are for controlling rgb i need to control a rgbw they use a SK6812RGBW.

All of these controllers are color agnostic. In other words, if each color is one channel, then rgb uses three channels per “pixel” and rgbw uses four channels per “pixel”. All of this is determined by the software you write.

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