berlin -searching for openfarmeworks tutor, workshop.


iam searching for open frameworks tutor, teacher, workshop or course in berlin (germany).
english please!



Maybe you can start with something more simple
If you don’t know programming.…–generator

thanks, but i have a basic knowledge of programming (bit processing, bit java and of course many javascript). And iam searching really open frameworks and c++ based stuff. Thats what i really need:)

breaking news: there are more participants waiting to be openframeworked !

so can i ping it?

then ping!

i throw an idea: if at the moment there’s no one in berlin, why not setting up a webcam based hacking evening/afternoon/night/whatever? people with more experience could prepare short talks or mini tutorials…

I’m in Berlin too and i want to learn oF!
Now i’m trying by myself, but it’s too hard with noboby with experience!
So, if someone is new in oF and want to learn with me, or someone want to teach me…write me a message!! :slight_smile: