Berlin OF intro workshop + q&a

I’m holding a small workshop tomorrow friday 10 and saturday 11 from 11am to 4pm in my studio in Berlin.

There’s a few free places still. The event is free just confim with my by mail or private message here in the forum.

It’ll be an introductory workshop. There’ll be an small introduction of about 1 or 2 hours to some OF specifics and then i’ll mostly be answering questions and we’ll go through stuff that i might consider related to whatever is asked.

The idea is that the workshop would be oriented towards people with not much experience so in principle try to ask things that are not super advanced but we’ll see depending on the interests of the people coming.

Shame I missed this. Would of jumped at the opportunity to come up to Berlin. Will you be doing any more of these in the future?

And are there any more workshops/meetups scheduled around Europe this year, if so I’d like to get involved in someway or just attend?