Beginning tools for generative art

Hi all,

I am a beginner to oF, looking to use it to make 2d and 3d generative art, mostly still but maybe some video as well. I know oF has openGL support and methods for making basic shapes and polygons but can anyone recommend some additional add-ons, c++ or otherwise, that are used to make more detailed graphic art? Things like filters, warp transforms, things you might find in Photoshop/Illustrator? Besides for those examples, really anything that can be used to make more expressive textures. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!


The opencv addon has basic image manipulation filters for blurring, sharpening, thresholding, etc… And maybe it’s worth looking into the easycam support to do some “warps” with the opengl camera. Otherwise for me it’s kind of hard to think generative art from a PS/IL perspective…