beginning question or two

I am brand new to OF. I had a couple of questions today that are very beginner and prob. tedious but maybe someone might have advice?

a few things…

where would be the best place for the OF folder on my mac harddrive (I picked applications)?
the app files I save in xcode save to the ‘bin’ folder not the ‘build’ one and don’t have a suffix(?)
…and say one downloaded an app from the internet how would one generally reassign the file path in xcode so it can build it.

first time caller. thanks

/Applications is fine

the build folder is where XCode caches stuff during the compiling process. This makes things faster while developing

Apps compiled in Xcode typically have a .app extension but your Finder preferences may hide this

Easiest way to download projects is to create a folder (e.g. “myApps”) and run your projects in there

This may help if you haven’t come across it yet

thanks! I’m not sure it’s chosing build, rather the bin folder… I did find the setup info. Want to start off right… will try directing files to a myApps folder or something.