Beginning OF in Ubuntu with Code Blocks, please help

I’ve installed CodeBlocks and downloaded OF and looked at the examples by clicking the .sh files, but I’m new to Ubuntu and C++ and I don’t really know how to start writing my own programs.

Can you please help? Is there a guide of what to do for the very beginner? Assume I know nothing, tell me about how to setup a project, to point what to where, how to compile, run.

Like can you show me how to write and compile and build and run even a hellow world program from code blocks? The perhaps something a little more non trivial?

Please help!

Hi hmmm,

download the pre-prerelease of 0.06 on! There are examples with the projectfiles for code::blocks! You can open these projects and build them! If you work on a 32bit Ubuntu, then they should work!



yes well i have downloaded the prerelease and as i said before, i have run these programs as well. i don’t know anything more: how do i build? how do i compile?

i’m sorry i need a step by step breakdown of how to do this in code blocks on ubuntu

i’m sorry i’m really new to ubuntu and c++


take a look at this guide, it should be more or less the same for every platform but indeed the guide is done using linux:…-t-Up-Guide