Beginning advice for a project


I’ve just begun working with oF and had some general questions regarding using openCV and a few other things.

I’m looking to make a sort of interactive mirror using particle systems. I want to be able to capture the contours of the human face and basically have the particles attract to the face and form it. First I need to have a better understanding of openCV and how to draw the contours lines from the threshold image. My general idea is to use threshold( ) and then use contourFinder( ) to image lines. Would this be the correct use? I saw an example earlier of using Box2d and openCV where the bodies silhouette is drawn on the screen.

Any advice or points to the right direction would be helpful. Thank you.

I’d focus on getting the face contours first. Maybe checkout the examples within ofxCv

This is one example that shows you how to interact with your face

Then you can create a particle system.

I’d either write one from scratch. You can check this to get an idea on how to do that.

Or you could use a library. For example ofxBox2d if you want it to be more physics based.

This is definitely helpful. Thanks!