Beginner question: linking / include problems


I’m new to OpenF and I’ve been having problems running code other than the pre-made samples.

My problem is with importing class files into xCode.
For example: I’m trying to get the colladaViewerInOf code to run, so I copied the 3DModelLoader example and used that as a template.
xCode is looking for the BulletDynamics folder, so I added that to my src, but it still can 't see it… see attached images.

I’ve run into similar problems with other sample code, so I think I’m missing something obvious, I’ve also tried playing with the relative/absolute path option but that hasn’t helped…

Any help would be appreciated! I can’t wait to get started properly…

![]( shot 2010-01-14 at 11.23.35.png)

![]( shot 2010-01-14 at 11.23.42.png)

Anyone got any ideas? :smiley:

I’m running into this problem consistently… e.g #includeCrt/CrtMemory.h”, in the xCode project I have a this in “ColladaDom/libs/rt/include/Crt”…

…but xCode can’t see the file unless I change the path in the #include to"CrtMemory.h", how can I get xCode to see the file without manually changing all the include paths?

the way compilers find header files goes like this. say you have

#include “Crt/CrtMemory.h”

and your header search path is


then the compiler will try


can you spot the problem?

Damian is right basically when you have include paths that are relative to a folder you have to manually set the header search paths in your project file instead of dragging the headers into the project.

Here are the header search paths for the collada example.

Thanks for the help, I wasn’t aware of the header search paths …