BEGINNER: How to use glitch add-ons for videos + images

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner using OF to create/record glitched images and videos. I’ve attempted to download some of the Github add-ons and also use this forum to troubleshoot, but keep getting error messages about bit rate and generally could use help on how to use OF to modify/glitch my own images and videos. Right now I’ve just been playing around wit the example builds, but as I am a novice, I could use even more instruction on how to get started. Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions!

Hi, can you provide a bit more info about which addons you are using and some visual reference for what you are trying to achieve? Also, provide info about the computer being used .

Hi Roy! Thanks for your response. I am attempting to use the ofxTLGlitch add-on and keep getting the error message - see attached below. I am currently using an MacBook Pro, OS High Sierra, version 10.13.6. Generally interested to see how the add-on works and less concerned with the output.

Hi. You are probably using an old xcode project file that is compiling at 32 bits, which means it is a quite old project. Its been a while since OF no longer compiles 32 bits apps.

You need to update the project using Project Generator.
Just drag and drop the projects folder onto project generator.
Before pressing update make sure you’ve added all the required addons, if you dont have these you’ll need to download 'em (go to and you’ll find these. On it, use the browsers find to search for each specific addon).
On the left side pane you can see all the addons that are in red are missing. ofxTimeline can be tricky as it has not been oficially updated for long time, although there are some working forks. Search the forum, there are several threads addressing it.

As it is quite old you will get a lot of other errors most probably related to OF’s switch from ofVec* to GLM. You can either change all to GLM or in file libs/openFrameworks/utils/ofConstants.h
change the line that reads




Btw, I was just looking at ofxTLGlitch and it actually does nothing to the video or image loaded. It seems like you need to implement the glitch by your self.
In short, dont waste your time with this addon.

Thanks so much for all your help! I will try those adjustments.