beginner aid

I’m Denis,
are new of the forum (as soon as I will have a moment I will make the due presentations) and of programming.
They are remained a lot fascinated from your jobs and your ability, therefore I would want to try to make something.
It would appeal to to obtain this to me effect
but I do not know just like beginning. :?
You can help me?



the easiest way to make something like that is to use IR camera (basic b/w security camera w/ filter) and IR illumination.

then you can use background subtraction (like in the opencv example) and use countWhitePixelsInRegion can allow you to program triggers, like in the example you sent. for example, a box in the top left corner can say:

  if (diffImage.countNonWhitePixelsInRegion(10,10,10,10) > 80){  
     // now I am active !!   

more complicated stuff, like physics, etc, you might need the contour of the body you are tracking.

hope that helps!