Beach wave simulation


I got a hard nut to crack. For a danceperformance i would like to generate a beach on the stage. So i would like to create a simulator that can generate the dynamics of water moving up and down on the beach.
Im trying alot of different aproaches to do this, right now i’ve tried to make horizontal lines that will push to eachother, to mimic the water. And some force far out in the ocean that will create some push energy. But it doesnt really look correct. It looks more like a piece of jelly somebody is poking to.

I only need to solve this problem in 2d, and in the end, the horizontal lines will be replaces with soundwaves of different people talking, so it will be an ocean of voices.

Do any of you have some good ideas or recourses? Any help is appriciated.

Jonas Jongejan

hm… something like that?


[quote author=“halfdanj”]Hi

I got a hard nut to crack…[/quote]

I think this thread describes a very useful info about how one might approach this.

If you’re feeling theoretically minded:

or this:…–water.htm