Hi !

Happy to finally present my first project with OF, called bbuild !

It was presented in april 08 at festival Loop Barcelona for a VJ session which one had a cities as a global theme.

It’s a simple app, were the user can enter words during sort of “spatial fly” of our hero.
The words are converted into clouds, and create buildings into the path of the hero.
And the whole app is interacting visually with sound.

I used OF 0.5, blender, and a lot of thanks to the import .obj add-on

Have a look at the video!

I builded it in one week, and have nearly no knowledge in C++ before, It was really a great experience, and really looking forward to devellop some more other projects.

Thanks OF team !

PS. I still did not link the source code, but if you’re curious, just contact me!

Here a link :

i really like this!!! simple graphics and looks great!

and i would love to take a peek at your code. if thats ok :slight_smile:


wow that’s super nice looking

like the last picture with all the post it notes

great work!

oh thank you !

I wish I could make better graphics and work more on the ligths etc… But the deadline was too short

If I can find out a way to show it again I’ll take some time to make it better

As soon as possible I’ll clean up the code and post

And yeah, I should have fade out the last frames of the video :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies

I took some time to translate the page in english and put the source code !

Cheers !