Is there a BazAR extension for Open Frameworks? I’ve been trying to install and run their library, but I’m getting errors with the installation and can’t seem to find anything that I can compile.

Just wondering if anyone has used this functionality with OF.


hey denny,

i did manage to compile and tinker with it in the last two days. looks nice, but maybe because ARTKPLUS never worked out for me.

checkout the video

or get the source from …did push a working start for ofxBazAR to the addons…

its very basic, 3d projection stuff to come. any ideas or feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


// edit - moved video to vimeo…

Hi This looks great.

I can’t get it to build though -
it can’t find


and neither can I.

They don’t seem to be in the addon, and I can’t find them in any of the other openframework folder I have.

Should I have them already or can I get them somewhere?

ok - i just deleted them from the addon folder on the left and it compiled fine.



yeah, that was luckly only wrong BazARExample/openFrameworks.xcodeproj :o

its fixed. checkout the latest version at or view this diff:…-ae0a071981

That’s great! I knew someone else had to be interested in it too. I’ll give it a try.


denny, from your reference i check this tool but i having bad quality with the Bazar tracking, comparing with tools like ARTKPLUS.

Guys whats your opinion? Thanks

jmccd, what exatly do you mean with bad quality? the overall speed, or any special params like detection angle or other things defined in the classifiers…?

I’m refering to params like detection angle, world matrix detection. The speed its very good. In this type of aplicattion the light/camera are always a deciding factors and to have a good tracking quality we have to fine tunning all parameters. With my question what i’m asking is if anyone had a good tracking after this process of fine tunning all the parameters.
Because i tried Bazar and my idea from some tests is the tracking isnt so good (you have to had the marker very cloose to the camera, a large marker, …)


yeah, think about it the same. i was happy to get it compile and automaticly train picture-markers. next step of course is tuning those params.

core of bazar is yape.h (Yet Another Point Extractor), maybe thats good for writing a ofxAR addon?

for me bazar is just a piece to play with… in the end we should tinker with all those libs and those one thats gets nicely integrated to oF.



I tried to make it work and implement 3D projection but got stuck, any new with this one ? (really need to make it work for my grad project ^^)