Basic Tutorial on installing Addons

Good afternoon, My name’s Philipp (Hi Zach, we met in Stuttgart) and apart from loving what You guys do and appreciating all the effort you put in OF I’m an absolute Noob. So sorry, if this is redundant, but I’ve not found much help for this using the search option.

My question is: Would it be an option to have a very basic introduction to folder structures, file hierarchies and the usaul way to “install” addons from the openframeworksaddon site?

Something that in a few correct words describes what i’ve learned today and what might be incorrect still as of the change to 007…

If I unzip one of the packages from I most times get a Folder containing some src, perhaps some other stuff and hopefully (in my case - as I’m on a Mac using xcode) an example project in a folder.
So I drag the Folder I’ve got into “addons” in my of-folder.
I rename it by cutting off the author’s name in front and the Version number at the end of the Folder’s name.
I drag and move the “examples” (or likewise titled) folder from inside my newly renamed folder into “apps/addonsExamples”.
I rename that example folder to what the folder in my addons folder is called to be sure not to confuse things later on.
After all I try to make sure I have only one folder between my project file and the surface, the same with my src and other folders in the addons folder (sort of on the second level.)

Was that how you do it?
Would someone waste his/her time on a proven documentation of that particular workflow (depending on the various OS’ … OSX might be very interesting)?

Again sorry for all these noob entries to start an existence here.

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no apologies necessary - it can be confusing, especially when you get errors

this video by Theo’s is the most recent I know of

I’ve seen a few different ways people structure it but these are the main ones I have seen:

  1. Putting every addon in the openFrameworks/addons folder
  2. Putting the addon inside each project folder

The main thing is for Xcode to know where things are. More complex addons that contain extra libraries are more picky so with those I will often break my own convention to get started.


you can skip that part, because afaik, the examples only care about folder _depth_, and /addons/youraddon/youraddonexample is at the same level as /app/addonsexamples/youraddonexample.

Thank you for the help. I will try to transfer knowledge to properly “install” something like this:

![]( 2012-04-12 um 10.08.50.png)

Also you can use OFPlugin, easy to use. Check out these links

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Can someone point me a link with a tutorial of how to do it in visual studio 2017?

In visual you can´t have the OF plugin in the visual enviroment, so you have to install each addon particulary but still haven´t found how

Installing addon now is done through the project generator.
Open the project generator, select the project in which you want to use a new addon
Select the addon that you want to use (it needs to be present in the openFrameworks folder “addons”)
Press “Update”

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