basic questions about ofxControlPanel

i’m playing a bit with ofxControlPanel addon (because i think it’s the simplest way to got some sliders in OF)
and i have some basic questions:

  1. Eclipse: even if it compiles and runs correctly in eclipse workspace, inside addons project and inside ofxControlPanel folder i have some errors like

undefined reference to `ofxXmlSettings::~ofxXmlSettings()’ simpleLogger.cpp /addons/ofxControlPanel/src

i compiled pfxControlPanel example with makefile first of importing (and mayebe this is the reason because of it works even if errors)
what could it be? in addons.make there is ofxXmlSettings in the first line, but the error is not in the project itself but in addons project…
this is a bit weird…

  1. i wanto to have only some sliders. following the example i had this code:
    gui.addPanel("parameters", 4, false);  
    gui.addButtonSlider( blabla );  

and in my render there are:
in left top:
-thetitle save restore
-blue trectangle of the panel
in right top:
-a strange black icon with a kind of strange white lock

i want only some sliders, not all those gui features…

  1. why ofSetVerticalSync(true); ?
    i’ve tried to read some of glXGetProcAddress but i really didn’t understand what it means

4)i’m going to create a drop-down menu, and i’m doing it with some negative translate before gui.draw.
some better approach?

ok, i’ve done something:

  1. button save and restore can be eliminated with
gui.bDoSaveRestore = false;  

then i’ve created a new class ofxControlPanelLite with only 1 panel and no panel’s rectangles render

  1. in my example using

or not… there is no differences

  1. i’ve done it with a real basic tween engine…

… 1) really? noone else tried ofxControlPanel with eclipse?