Basic Platform questions

I’ve been working on an application with Openframeworks on my mac in Xcode. However, the final application will have to run on a Windows computer and i have to transfer it to the windows computer to finish the application (More serial ports that i need).

Do you have any recommendations about what IDE I should use on Windows? I’ve only started programming C++ on Xcode so I don’t know a lot about IDEs for Windows.

Would it just be fastest copying the code into a new project located on the windows computer, or is Openframeworks a lot different for Windows that i would have to rewrite my code?


Hi lumooo,

I strongly recommend to use VisualStudio on Windows. There’s a free Version (Community), so no money (but you’ll have to open a Microsoft Account after a trial period).
Creating a new project for Visual Studio and then copying the code is a good choice. Often it just works then regardless of the system.
To be able to make a new project I recommend (had a hard time finding this):
After installing and opening VisualStudio got to Tools -> Extensions and Updates. Choose Online (left side), then search for “openframeworks” (right). The openframework plugin will be found and shown in the middle. Install it by doubleclicking. With this plugin(template) you’ll be able to make a new openframeworks project in Visual Studio.

hope this helps!

At the download OF page, there are 2
options and steps for both. Visual studio it’s the common one, it’s free
and pretty easy to work with.

Thanks a lot!