Basic kiosk video player examples

Hi, I’ve been tasked with creating a very basic application that will play videos on a touchscreen kiosk-type machine. Originally this was to be built in Flash, but having recently been to Theo’s FITC workshop, I am eager to try building this in oF. The entire application will consist of a menu with 3 buttons and a corresponding video for each. At the end of a video, the user is returned to the menu.

I’m trying to find some really basic examples online to show my colleagues how oF can handle this task (menus/buttons/simple transitions/etc).

Can anyone point me to some really basic examples of an oF kiosk application?


I think it would also be useful if there were some reasons to use oF instead of Flash. Can anyone post any reasons? Or maybe you think that this is better suited for Flash?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi GabeM,

It seems that such an application could be written in either OF or Flash. If you want an example of a beautiful Kiosk-like program, what about:

OF is also free, open source and multi-platform.



Hi Joel, thank you for your response. I ended up using Flash because of the amount of detailed animation the client requested.