Basic 2d motion tracking: kinetic energy and x/y position

hi all,

I want to have some basic motion tracking features like:

  • kinetic energy of a blob (i guess with frame difference)
  • xy coordinates of a blob
    Are there any example about this?
    I googled and searched in the forum but i could not find anything.


have a look into the oF-root/examples/computer_vision/opencvexample
that may give you a start on doing blob detection with a camera.
you could also look at using kinect and blob tracking -
there is an interesting and easy example video (its in processing but the syntax is very similar) from the most excellent Daniel Shiffman also in the book 'mastering openframeworks - chapter 10 deals with basic work with depth cameras.

ofxCv has several examples that will cover what you are asking for. Look at the ones that have either contours or flow in their name, like example-contours-following or example-flow-keypoints
hope this helps.