Bad key (0) and keycode (-1) in Caps Lock mode

I’ve got wrong values for one of the keyboard key with this code:

void ofApp::keyPressed(ofKeyEventArgs & args)
	cout << "key " << args.key << endl;
	cout << "keycode " << args.keycode << endl;

When in Caps Lock mode, the key value is 0 and the keycode value is -1 for the key ‘ù’.
Is it normal ?

The values for all the others keys seem to be fine.

I’ve got an AZERTY french keyboard. Using QtCreator OF 0.10.0 and Windows 7.

Here’s the output for this key:

// When Caps Lock is off everyting is fine...
key 249
keycode 39
// ...including with the shift key pressed:
key 37
keycode 39

// When Caps Lock is on this is not right...
key 0
keycode -1
// ...but it remains ok with the shift key pressed:
key 249
keycode 39

Do you think there is something I can do ?

[edit] I also have the same error with the key ‘à’

That sounds like a bug, can you open an issue in github?

Thank you for your answer arturo.
While I was writing the issue, I noticed that the two problematic keys, ù and à, both have a grave accent. This lead me to realize that this is not an OF bug : I’m using a deamon that help to type letters that are not directly accessible with the keyboard. This deamon modify the keypress on the fly, transforming ‘ù’ to ‘Ù’ when in caps lock mode. I think this was confusing my OF application.

My mistake, sorry for that :flushed:

For reference, this is the interfering program: