Background / Foreground Segmentation

Hello all,

Has somebody experience with modeling a background for a background subtraction algorithm? I tested a few algorithms in opencv, but not in openFrameworks!
I think the simplest solution is to subtract the current frame from a defined background frame! But I should have an advanced one. I studied the two algorithms in the ‘Learning OpenCV’ book (Averaging Background Method, Codebook Method). Has somebody an implementation in openFrameworks?

Or are there better algorithms for background subtraction?


there a bit on background subtraction in this post.;actionquot;-detection/1807/0

try the motion detection code… it uses this technique.

might be cool to add to ofxOpenCv. Keep us posted.

Hi Christian,

I have read your post! probably you can help me out! I don’t really understand how the codebook works? probably can you give me a brief explaination? it will be best if you can provide me the source codes?? many thanks



a working code example ->–background-segmentation-with-opencv/1713/0

greetings ascorbin