Background audio & multitasking with OF & libPD

Hi there,

I’m designing a generative music machine for iOS using OF & libPD & UIKit for some GUI parts.
Everything works fine and I learnt a lot developing it.

I need to make it playing the sound

  • even if the screen is locked
  • even if the user push the meny button and uses another application

I also need to make this behavior to be enabled or disabled by the user.

As soon as I could to that, I’ll implement a kind of snooze feature.

I found some posts about that but I didn’t find the right way.
Especially, I put the correct line in my plist file through XCode project settings … it isn’t enough. Of course, as described here, I don’t use absolutely those classes/routines for my audio, but libPd & OF.

Any tips would be magic :slight_smile: