Axis IP Camera Panorama

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in stitching the feeds of multiple IP cameras (6 of them) together to create a 2D panoramic video. I’ve been trying to get this application to compile: to test out with webcams but I’ve had no such luck, thinking it may have something to do with being able to go as low as Mac OSX SDK 10.11 in Xcode 8 (this app was noted as working with OF 9 and Mac OSX 10.10

I may also be able to get this to work by placing the cameras in the correct spots with some simple trigonometry, so I could stitch multiple IP cameras together in the same frame as a video texture. Some pointers on how to stitch multiple IP cams as a video texture in the same frame with the current IP Video Grabber library could also be helpful. (@bakercp)

I’d appreciate any pointers that might help to get this to work.