Avoiding crash on OF Exit(): general guidelines??

Hi all OF lovers.

so this is kind of a generic C++ question, but here it goes:

my app crashes when exited, i.e., once i exit the app, ot will display a crash dialog, both in osx and windows.
I am trying to clean up every thing before the end in the ofExit() function, but do not know the general procedure:
should i delete every pointer?
should i remove all the listeners?

If any body could give me a general procedure to be sure i clean the app before exiting, that would be great.

thank you !


What do the debugger tell you about the crash? Stack-trace etc?

I could be wrong about this I generally you don’t have to worry about pointers, listeners, etc on exit as all that stuff is dumped by the OS.

The stuff you want to worry about the most is disconnecting from devices (e.g. Kinect) or any Network services that you are using (socket servers, TUIO, etc)


yes, you were right.
I had only to implement TUIO and some network, and it worked.
Thank you so much.
I really think that this is the best forum i havve ever been. So much help from everyone !!!
And it is one of the reasons i think OF is getting so popular… :wink:

thank you !!