Avoid 'triangles' when drawing line paths and circles

Hello all,
I keep getting these slanted lines that form a ‘triangle cut out’ at the connection points of my circles and line paths that I draw. See attached image.

I’ve set circle resolution to 100, and it still happens with ofDrawCircle.
The attached image is using a glm::vec2 path, also happening there.

These ‘triangles’ are more visible when line thickness is set to something above 2.0, but if I look closely, they’re still there at low lineWidth values.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance


I had similar effect when drawing blob contour. It’s probably due to the limitation of OpenGL when you set line width above 2.0. This because fat lines becomes something more complex. I fixed by using ofxNanoVG - anyway you can find many discussion on this topic in the forum.

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Thanks for the reply Paolo!
Great, I’ll look up ofxNanoVG and see what I can do.