Autonomous Behaviors/Steering

I’m new to oF and c++, but I’ve done some autonomous behaviors and steering in ActionScript successfully. I’m wondering the if anyone in the oF community has suggestions on how to approach this sort of thing.

In my searches I’ve come across OpenSteer ( and MetaAgent ( Anyone use these as well?

hmmm… I have seen a fair bit of work with boids in the OF community… mostly relating to flocking though. Not sure about the autonomous steering behaviours though.

My suggestion would be to take one of those libraries and create a wrapper add-on for it.

Generally speaking, the wrapper would just take the classes and functions provided by the library, and simplify their use. Essentially its purpose is to make it as easy as possible to include and use the library from within OF.

recently there have been some OF ports from processing, based on shiffmans boid examples.

might be of interest,


I’ve used Open Steer, it’s a little overkill for basic flocking but it does have some nice steering behaviours. It uses template classes and it not particularly beginner-friendly like the shiffman stuff, but if you’re curious download it and compile the demos that come with it…