Autogenerating visuals from .wav or .mp3 files?

I’m just starting out with open frameworks. Are there tutorials that can help me generate visuals from .wav or .mp3 files (not midi) content?
I want to be able to pair shapes and colors to certain frequencies.
I also want to experiment with making something move to a beat… I have no idea how I would go about this.
Any tips or links would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried Maximilian?

This says it does “real-time music information retrieval functions” which sounds great. (I want to process live sound input).

Are there other addons that do this well?

Here are a couple that might be what you are after:

There are a whole bunch listed here:

anything < 5 years old should be workable with current OF.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Arneson,

I made this live show based on ofxGist - this addon is 6 years old but it still work on the latest OF release. I tested on Ubuntu but it should work also on Win and OSX. I used it to detects notes from an acoustic piano on stage and it worked fine. Then I used those signals within other ones from a kinect to generate real time 3D images on a large screen.

Good luck!


Another open is to use Adam Stark’s sound analyser plugin. he is the author of gist, and made an audio plugin which wraps gist and another analysis library. It runs in the DAW and sends analysis data via OSC. I used it a couple of times, it is quite handy if your does not have to be a standalone app and if you can efford to run such a plugin in your live set.
I dont know if there is a compiled and up to date version online, but the develop branch should compile with the most recent version of juce.

ofxPDSP offers some analysis features as well.


Just wanted to add an alternative reply. Audio programming on C++ can be a bit tricky. My past approaches have been to analyze the audio in PureData or MaxMSP and then sending the analysis data and also the bangs (onsets) to OF via OSC.