Autocomplete / Intelisense in VS2015


i am new to OF and i am using VS 2015, my question is can i get VS to autocomplete OF definition similar to auto completeing for loop with pressing double tab? or similar to this video


sort of, the functionality doesn’t exactly mirror that of xcode. This really isnt a feature of OF but of the IDEs, VS works a little differently as you can see the function overloads only after you add in the leading parenthesis. It should list all options and can be tab completed after an object and dot or pointer depending on the object.

I am pretty familiar that it is a functionality of the IDE, however i think in VS it is called snippets, it is like when you write for and press double tab it completes the definition. So is there a snippet file that is written for OF (i think it’s extension is **.**snippet) that i can import in VS or maybe an autocomplete extension so that i get the same functionality like in xcode?

no but intellisense already does most of that for you. I can see why it would be helpful but I know its not on any priority list

There’s a commercial plugin for visual studio that is a must if you want to improve your productivity when programming in C++ (it also supports C#): Visual Assist. You can try it for 30 days.