Augmented Reality situation in oF

Hej everyone,

since Apple acquired the Augmented Reality (AR) company Junaio ( and their tools are consequently not available anymore, I thought it might be a good occasion to check out AR possibilities with openFrameworks.

However, a little bit of background research pointed me towards these two projects (both of them unfortunately don’t compile out of the box with oF 0.9):

Now I was wondering about the “Augmented Reality” situation in openFrameworks. Does anyone have insights/tutorials/resources regarding some more recent implementations and happenings?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m trying to work with openAR under openFrameworks,
I had to stop development because of work,
but I hope to set up something soon.

if she wants to have a look here:


Arturo’s wrapper for ArUco ( might be useful too.

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thanks for this!

Cool, sounds interesting. Thanks for pointing in these directions. Will certainly have a look at it.

Hi, I’m looking into using AR with OF, and wonder if there any addons or tutorials I can have a look at to explore this topic.