Audiovisual piece - ofxTimeline - 3D - shaders + 16 Guitars

Hi, here is another audiovisual piece I made using a live stereo recording of a a music composition of mine for 16 acoustic guitars.
I used ofxTimeline for audio/video sync and graphics control.

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Really dig this Leo, very frightening at times! The visuals blend very well with the organic sound of the guitars

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Really cool @lzmmrman ! I’m working on an app to generate visuals from live audio. It’s a bit like @benMcChesney’s OpenVJ but uses the algorithms from your ofxAudioAnalyzer as well as ofxTimeline to modify cameras, lights, shaders, 2d graphics, 3d graphics, video sources, etc. all in real-time. The visuals belong in scenes I can fade/cut to and from - they’re basically like mini apps that share certain environmental aspects (camera, lighting, shaders). Using @frauzufall’s ofxMasterSlaveControl I can patch sliders from ofxAudioAnalyzer to sliders on the visual side of the equation.

I’m using the latest master of openFrameworks and I’ve got about 30 addons operating in the app and catering to the various scenes. It’s been a bit of a struggle taking this on as my first coding/openFrameworks project and I’m reaching the point where I will probably have to call out for help! But it’s been fun so far.