audioOutputExample crashes in El Capitan

I’m working in an audio application for macOS. After updating to openFrameworks 0.11.2 the app crashes at startup when running in 10.11 El Capitan.

The error seems related to ofSoundStream.

When building and running audioOutputExample from the examples folder (to test ofSoundStream) I get this error in El Capitan:

Dyld Error Message:
  Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin
  Referenced from: /Users/USER/Desktop/
  Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   dyld                          	0x00007fff6d7be075 dyld_fatal_error + 1
1   dyld                          	0x00007fff6d7c1094 dyld::fastBindLazySymbol(ImageLoader**, unsigned long) + 139
2   libdyld.dylib                 	0x00007fff92f32262 dyld_stub_binder + 282
3   ???                           	0x000000010f8a9000 0 + 4555706368
4   cc.openFrameworks.audioOutputExample	0x000000010f5c2b73 ofRtAudioSoundStream::getDeviceList(ofSoundDevice::Api) const + 371
5   cc.openFrameworks.audioOutputExample	0x000000010f54e771 ofBaseSoundStream::printDeviceList() const + 289
6   cc.openFrameworks.audioOutputExample	0x000000010f27d215 ofApp::setup() + 165

I’m building with xcode 11.3.1 in macOS Mojave.
Deployment target in xcode project is 10.9

When using openFrameworks 0.11.0 both the app and audioOutputExample run with no errors in El Capitan.

Any ideas how to solve this ?
Has openFrameworks 0.11.2 dropped support for older systems ?

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I think I’ve found cause of the error. If I replace rtaudio.a (in openFrameworks 0.11.2) with the one distributed in openFrameworks 0.11.0 I can build audioOutputExample and run it in OS X 10.11 without crashing.

It seems rtAudio in openFrameworks 0.11.2 is compiled for a newer target.

thanks for the explanation, I had the same issue now, solved with your suggestion.
maybe related