audioOutput example on codeblocks

I posted about this in the beginners forum last week but got no replies and realized here is probably better.

Has anyone built and ran audioOutput or audioInputExample on code::blocks?
It always crashes upon rt audio’s call to open the stream for me.

I also note that there’s no rtaudio.dll in my bin folder. The linking options don’t seem to say anything about this.

I’m not a windows user at all so please let me know if it’s some stupid audio setup thing. I don’t think it is because the soundPlayer examples work fine.

I tried to install MSVC 2008 Express as a workaround but the installer keeps crashing on me :frowning:

This is on Vista.


So, has anyone got audiooutputexample to run when built with code::blocks? If so please let me know which version of windows. If not, would someone please try building and running?