audioInputExample not working for me :(

Hi there,

WIN10, VS2019, OF11.2

I’m interested in writing an app that responds to whatever audio is playing through the soundcard. I’ve been trying to get the audioInputExample to work, but so far, no luck.

I’ve been trying to debug, and have searched and tried a few examples, but still no luck. What seems to happen is when the application runs, it takes control of the device, so if, say, SPOTIFY was playing audio when it runs, SPOTIFY stops playing, and no audio is received by the application. If the application is running, SPOTIFY won’t play, and no other applications that play audio will play because the device is in use.

From experience with proce55ing, I had some trouble initially, but the resolution was to set the STEREO MIX to be the default recording device I believe. I tried this too, but doesn’t help.

Anyone run into this before? Anything I can try?

Thank you!