Audio waveform display

Hello! i’ve heard great things about OF and its community and figured its time to finally jump in after tip toeing around the idea of using openframeworks for a few months.

my first project i’d like to start is to create a drag and drop sound player with a simple control ui and display the audio’s waveform once a sound has loaded (and a playback position marker that follows as the audio plays back)

i’ve had a look around on forums and stuff but cant seem to find too much about the waveform display…

(plus i figured this would be a great way to get more involved in the community!)


Have a look at examples/sound/soundBufferExample

I have done something similar, for a tool I wrote that does stuff with samples.

I load the audio data into an ofSoundBuffer, then make an ofMesh with OF_PRIMITIVE_LINE_STRIP and add a vertex for every n’th audio sample. For stereo you have two meshes

I use ImGui for the UI but the ofxGui that comes in oF/addons is fine as well.

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