audio processing, beat tracking / beat detection / onset detection... in Windows

Hi all,

I am in the need to do some audio-driven software under Windows… and I can’t find a good library for beat detection. I would like my software to react in real-time to the music being played.

I know about Minim’s BeatDetect. Although I never used it, I could do something in Java and communicate with my oF code, but I rather have a more reasonable solution all in C++.

I also know about Aubio, but I cannot link against it in Windows.

I did try some code that I found here in the forums but its performance was rather poor… so far it looks like I need
to code my own solution, but I lack confidence on being able to create code that performs according to my needs.

Does anyone have a pointer on how to solve this?

Thank you very much!

try audioboxbaby (
sends out quite accurate midi clock signal, you can pick up using ofxMidi.

On mac you could try wavetick, which seems more accurate.

If you have max msp, check this page:
let max do the analysis and send it over using osc or so.
There is also a beattracker in OF on the page, haven’t tried it but i will.

I’d be intrested in alternatives also!

Thanks Kj1, I’ll take a look at audioboxbaby! (for this particular project, I’ve no access to either mac or max).