Audio problem when trying Steam Audio SDK for 3D spatialization


I’ve been experimenting with using Steam Audio SDK (Phonon 3D) in OF 0.9.3. I was able to compile a simple example. You speak into the microphone and the sound is spatialized so that it sounds like it’s coming from the right. From the result, I could tell the sound source did come from my right, but the sound seems very distorted and high-pitch.

I’m not very familiar with audio programming, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s the source code
Link to the C API
(I’m on Windows 10, using Visual Studio 2015, OF 0.9.3, x64 build).

Got it to work. Turn out the input and output buffers need to have the same number of channels even though input is mono. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone wanting to do audio spatialization for VR.