Audio Interface

I need to find a good external Audio interface that supports 6-8 inputs on OSX. Has anyone found a decent one that works well with OF?

MOTU UltraLite? You can find the Mk I and MK II on Craig’s pretty inexpensively if FireWire works for you, plus there is a Thunderbolt<->FireWire Adapter should you need.

eeeeek $549.00 for the MKIII new…

I’m looking at half that price. I’d really like USB2.0 or 3.0 not Firewire. (I know I know) But taking up one thunderbolt port isn’t a possibility. Its for my VJ rig and I’d like to not lose the ability to run 3x External Displays.

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6-8 inputs is really pushing the inexpensive interface price point. Focusrite or ProSonus might have something in this space, but I’d wonder about the ADC/DACs and suspect you could find an UltraLite Mk3 on Craig’s or the Gearslutz for ~$350.

I have an Alesis IO14 which I can test next week if it works well with the most recent version of OF. The IO26 shouldn’t differ that much and could be in your price range.

@pizthewiz I know I’m pushing what is possible for the $$$.

You could do a Presonus FireStudio Project, that is about $400 and is 10x10. For lower budget, Behringer
FIREPOWER FCA610 is about $250 and is 16x16.

The MkIII from MOTU is one of the best pieces you can get. Best quality and has inbuilt DSP for common functions like EQ, compressor/limiters. For the price, it’s incredible. Also the two preamps are fantastic in it.

Presonus is a step down, but has more preamps and more IO. No inbuilt DSP though.

Behringer is pretty close to bottom of the barrel. Its not that bad. But Not that great. And no inbuilt DSP.

thanks @ryanww!!!

yeah this isn’t gonna be used for recording its all for triggers so more inputs and no features but cheap is a+++. Basically most inputs will just be running through an FFT or in the case of the click track a BPM detector.

No problem! Its not the most amazing, but for what you are looking for, it is perfect.