Audio in- and output simultaneously

Hey all.

I’ve been trying to solve this for quite some time, but still haven’t succeeded. I’m trying to port an OSX project to Raspberry pi, which involves audio recording and playback. I have connected a C-Media USB Headphone set, which works with both sound in and out independently (using ofSoundPlayer and ofxVideoRecorder), set up through ofSoundStream.

When I run this on an try to record and playback sounds at the same time, I get the following error:

AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "pulse"
AL lib: (EE) alsa_open_playback: Could not open playback device 'default': Device or resource busy
[ error ] ofOpenALSoundPlayer: loadSound(): couldn't create stereo buffers for "data/audio_samples/keypad/4.wav": 40964 AL_INVALID_OPERATION

Does anyone know how this could be fixed? If anyone has some sketches with simultaneous in and out, I’d be very happy to get some advice. Thanks!

there is a tutorial on the adafruit website on how making usb audio cards work on the rPi, have you already seen it?